Bochic Weddings and Events
Jan 12, 2016
Bohemian Dreams Wedding Festival is a completely NEW and exciting festival coming to Milton Keynes in May 2016 and whilst we were on the lookout for media partners, we came across the colourful & stylish Bochic Weddings and events, which we could not be happier to have on board! Founder of Bochic, Ela is a professional and well-known wedding and event planner based in Buckinghamshire and tells us about her interests and passion for Bohemian styled weddings.

What do you love most about Bohemian weddings?

‘Bohemian’ basically means ‘unconventional’ and that’s what I love in weddings – anything out of the ordinary, a little bit different, quirky even. Whether it’s the décor, the personal vows, the food, that’s unique and representative of the couple – that’s what I love. I think it’s really important to put your own stamp on your wedding day. It’s one of the most important days of your life, so why would you want a cookie cutter wedding? You want something that’s bursting with your personality and character, right? Some people often get a little confused when I say my company name ‘Bochic’ is inspired by bohemian values… “Does that mean you only do hippie weddings?”, “What if the couple want something traditional?”… What ‘Bochic’ actually promotes is ‘freedom’ to have whatever you want at your wedding; there are no rules and regulations when it comes to my idea of celebrating the love two people share. So, if you want to get married barefoot in a treehouse (yes, this is possible!) or have a giant doughnut tower as your wedding cake, I say – do it! I think you should be able to create your wedding to be a reflection of you – all the tiny, little things that make up and complete your relationship with your fiancé are what I hope to represent within your wedding. In terms of the ‘boho’ trend, this style is becoming a popular one, especially in America and places like Byron Bay, Australia. I guess the typical ‘boho wedding’ style houses floaty, ethereal lace dresses, wild-looking bouquets, flower crowns, chill out areas, outside ceremonies, DIY props, mix and match centrepieces… All these elements come together to create an eclectic style that is totally carefree and relaxed. What I love about the boho ‘trend’ is that you can pair this style with pretty much any other vibe – Vintage Bohemian, Minimal Boho, Bohemian Chic, Industrial Boho, Moroccan Boho style… again, creating a style that truly reflects your personality.

Tell us how your stand will look at The Boho Festival?

I’m thinking really colourful for the summer –pinks, yellows and blues (like my logo – can you tell I love this colour combo?!) with lots of natural elements, like sunflowers (my favourite) and greenery. There’s definitely got to be a macramé backdrop in there…it’s only the most beautiful thing ever! It’s a form of art where you use rope or string to knot patterns and make pieces like wall hangings and backdrops. Whilst representing my style and giving people a feel for my personality, I’d like my stand to have a relaxed vibe, where people can come and sit down with a drink and discuss their wedding, ask me questions and get some advice. If you’re coming to BoShow (you definitely don’t want to miss it!), then stop by the Bochic stand to talk weddings!
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