Multi Cultural Women Together
Mar 23, 2016

There has been an ongoing battle within the wedding industry to evaluate and change the lack of diversity seen in mainstream wedding media, and for us at BoShow, shooting our new adverts was a golden opportunity to be proactive.

It seems mind-blowing that in an industry that celebrates love and encourages individuality of brides, grooms and their wedding ceremonies, there’s such a noticeable lack of inclusion – that a variety of ethnicities appear missing. Where is the variety in this modern Britain? Why, as we take leaps and bounds forwards in other areas of life, does the mainstream wedding industry appear so stuck in this moment?

Flicking through numerous magazines Team BoShow find slim white bride after slim white bride – not that we are opposed to their ethnicity or their beauty. We’re just disappointed at the lack of diversity presented. Whatever nationality, culture, race, religion or sexual orientation, we want to see it represented – our industry needs to represent it.

Multi Cultural Women Together

We decided our new ads would be a tiny pillar of such change, and represent our attitude to race – that our free-spirited brides would be of more than just one ethnicity. But researching the photoshoot opened our eyes to just how unique (and therefore important) our attitude is; typing ‘black bohemian bride’ into Pinterest bringing so few images to inspire us, dotted between black lace and black and white bridal shoots.

For our inclusive shoot, Woburn Bridal blessed each of our ‘brides’ with a beautiful gown, with flashes of colour to compliment their skin tones. Each dress had different details from the others and offered an elegant yet free feeling to the shoot. Amaris Flower Boutique designed and supplied the ‘thrown together’ bouquets and flower crowns using Vanda orchids and teeny spray roses. Ashley Kovan captured all behind our offices – the beauty of the resulting shots keeping the everyday location its secret.

Overall, we are so pleased to be able to reflect the variety of brides that we work with on a daily basis here at BoShow Festival, and that we can ‘be the change we want to see’ in our industry.

See the rest of BoShow Festival’s new ads here below and watch out for them in the lead up to our fun, diverse, love-spreading #BoShowFestival wedding events.

Multi Cultural Women Multi Cultural Brides Multi Cultural Brides

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