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Apr 08, 2016

You just know that when Kelly emailed me from Ohio for this blog, it was going to include a bigger picture attitude and a driven commitment to her business.

Kelly has 10 years of knowledge working within the events industry, coming up from B2B marketing events such as exhibitions for Excel and organising award ceremonies on Park Lane. These events would have thousands of people attending and Kelly knew just how to kit them out with champagne receptions, XFactor finalists as entertainment and after parties to continue the night.

When Kelly tied the knot 5 years ago, she knew exactly what she wanted and sourced everything she could without a wedding ‘stamp’ on it. Kelly told me “I didn’t copy the ‘wedding formula’ and was shocked at how many brides just chose, bought or excepted things because they were for a ‘wedding’.”

Four years ago Kelly left her glamourous lifestyle behind to start a family, and once she decided she’d had enough of the late nights and commutes she left the London lifestyle behind her.

After her second child was born 2 years ago, Kelly decided to form ‘Not Your Average I Do’; using all of her experience and creative flair from the City and throwing back at the wedding industry.

“Why should the corporate world have all the fun?”

The NY A I DO team consists of event managers that Kelly has met over the years. The team now consists of 5 members, with head stylists both in London and Brighton – covering all of the South East. Kelly told me that she trusts them implicitly and knows that they go above and beyond to make sure every event runs smoothly.

We have a lot in common when I asked about Kelly’s favourite piece for a bohemian wedding. Bringing the outdoors indoors is a big trend at the moment and a love for foliage displays is something that the Bo Team and Not Your Average I Do both have a love for. ‘Foliage canopies covering the entire ceiling of barns and archways draped with hanging foliage, create such a relaxed, romantic feel to any venue’

Kelly believes that styling is all about putting your own stamp on a place and letting your personality shine through, she informed me that the best styling often happens in very simple and natural venues. “We LOVE a beautiful tipi set in woodland, by a lake or in a meadow” – sounds like our Tree Cathedral is the perfect setting for this.

“You will not find us at most wedding fairs as we feel the formulaic, sterile environment doesn’t fit with our brand or the message we are trying to achieve. The Bo Show is a completely different type of wedding fair. We are so looking forward to meeting with brides to be that are on our wave length and want the unique, creative wedding that they deserve.”

Come along to the Bohemian Dreams wedding festival to see all the beautiful styling props that Not Your Average’ brings to the show; we are so happy to have them on board.

‘It’s your day, your way!’ – Kelly, Director of Not Your Average I Do

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