Old Bear Films
Apr 14, 2016
Old Bear Films is a love story creating love stories. I haven’t personally met Clare and Jack but you don’t need to to understand that they are one of the most rad couples with the best business beliefs. Jack and Clare were best friends that fell in love as teenagers, planned their own wedding in just 9 weeks and wed in secret woodland! They admitted to us that they did not book a videographer for their own wedding – shock – instead they were lucky enough to have a friend appear on the day with a camera to hand. Clare told us that this is when she realised the power of film and to put it lightly they became hooked, and Old Bear was born. “It’s dynamic by nature: the moment leading up to that gorgeous smile, captured, the look before that kiss, captured, all those interactions you might’ve otherwise missed, captured on film, for you to relive and love again and again” When asked how they came to being part of the wedding industry, I was given quite different answers for both Jack and Clare. Jack, working as an extreme sports photographer, wedding photographer and graphic designer for numerous magazines left Jack with a love of film – he has been developing this ever since with his own signature style . Moving into wedding film seemed like the next course of action, Clare told us that Jack loves the individual vibes and character of each wedding – it all came natural.

Fate or Destiny

For Clare, it was when they booked their wedding venue through Festival Brides blog , she met the gals who founded the blog and they asked to feature the 9 week wedding planning process, followed by the wedding itself. A friendship was formed and ‘the rest is history’. Clare has been working alongside Festival Brides for some 2 years now, writing inspirational trend-based blog posts, looking after their Instagram and Pinterest feeds. “I love the original, rule breaking weddings and getting to capture them on film is an absolute dream

What do you love about weddings?

“It’s how human they are. You’ll never experience a wedding that goes completely as planned, that’s set in stone from the word go, and that’s the joy of them” Old Bear films embrace the couple they are working with. The aim is to create a beautifully sincere film that embodies the unique feel of their wedding day. For them, that’s what makes it so exciting. Each couple has its own personality, each couple with their own vision and expression of love. When asked about the ideal Bohemian wedding to capture, we received the dreamiest answer one of which I will let you read in the exact way it was intended… “There are so many amazing wedding concepts out there! We really like the chilled vibe though, personally. A wedding that lasts a weekend, kicking off with a surf session the day before, a bride surrounded by her girl gang, each carefully placing the other’s flower crown. A few tears of happiness at the ceremony, a chilled seating plan that allows for natural interaction between guests. A couple’s shoot on the coastline, with a stunning view, and a party that lasts way into the night… …And sigh.” Yes, we know. It made us ‘Aww’ too. Old Bear Films pride themselves in being discreet at your wedding, no huge cameras, no bossy film direction – just those moments of sheer joy between the couple and the relaxed, humorous moments between guests. Clare explained that the moment they saw the BoShow the style resonated with them and they gave us one of the best sentences to explain what this festival is all about…

“From the incredible outdoor setting, to the sense of freedom they’re encouraging their couples to take hold of…

We’re all about that life: this is your wedding, you do you!”

They are just beautiful people and we can’t thank Clare enough for giving us a little insight into their lives. We cannot explain how excited – and stoked – we are about having them at the festival and capturing some beautiful moments from the day. Jack and Clare – Old Bear Films
Wedding Picture
Old Bear Films
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