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Jun 06, 2016
Following up from the show, Kelly and her Team absolutely excelled in the styling for the show. We cannot thank them enough and we cannot explain how much work they truly put into the styling around the Tree Cathedral. I think everyone can agree that they excelled on the Walk of Wonder and made sure that everything looked spectacular. From the barrels to the festoon lighting, it was perfect for the bohemian feel and atmosphere. The gypsophilia jars created impact from the back to the front, and outlined the catwalk perfectly. From afar and close up the Walk of Wonder created a beautiful setting for our bridal suppliers to showcase their collections. Combined with Party Bales either side, brides to be, hen parties, family and friends sat and watched the catwalk in comfort and style. As well as the devotion to the Walk of Wonder, you could find styling from Not Your Average I Do in all corners of the Tree Cathedral. Did you see their pom-pom arches and styling with Bo Chic? Everything was just beautiful, and every aspect added to the overall aesthetics of our show; if there’s anything that we heard continually on the day if was how amazing and beautiful the area looked – stunning. Not Your Average I Do, have an amazing team that work to create your dream day. With a crazy amount of props and supplies you can go as mental as you wish, leave them to style as they feel fit and you will experience magic.

“You will not find us at most wedding fairs as we feel the formulaic, sterile environment doesn’t fit with our brand or the message we are trying to achieve. The Bo Show is a completely different type of wedding fair. We are so looking forward to meeting with brides to be that are on our wave length and want the unique, creative wedding that they deserve.”

Their stand itself was a beauty to behold; the gazebo was showered with hanging flowers, barrels and bales. The team greeted brides to be with open minds and friendliness beyond belief. Not Your Average I Do offer styling for all types of weddings from the glamourous outdoor, festival indoor and all around crazy day. Able to transform any venue into your ideal dream, with a selection of so many props and styling ideas for hire there is no doubt that you can rely on Not Your Average I Do to create exactly what you see in your head.

“Here at Not Your Average I Do we’re on a mission to inspire brides and grooms to create a wedding day that’s as unique as they are. Enough of the samey chair-backs and candelabras! Who wants to settle for an average wedding? Different doesn’t have to be expensive”

Visit their website to check out all their hire props and styling –
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