Bride And Groom
Jun 16, 2016
When we called out for suppliers to help out with a photo shoot to advertise the Boshow, a number of suppliers jumped at the chance. Sarah Brookes, Elizabeth Hall, Charlotte at Amaris Flower Boutique and the girls from House of Ollichon were all part of a beautiful shoot that took place in the Tree Cathedral on a beautiful but chilly day. The photos became part of a national campaign and featured from Milton Keynes to London, we can only begin to imagine where else the photos ended up. The photoshoot design consisted of a non-conventional couple – Ashley from the Bohemian Dreams Team and Charlotte from Amaris Flower Boutique – the idea was to have fun created an unconventional scene using minimal styling allowing the Tree Cathedral to shine through in all its beauty. Elizabeth Hall brought along one of her beautiful armchairs, desk and a few quirky pieces to keep the photoshoot flowing. Pencils, books and apples made strong appearances in the shoot and gave us some off the most adorable images. Elizabeth’s think outside the box approach to the shoot truly inspired the vision of the shoot. Elizabeth can create magical scenes and most certainly proves that styling is key to any wedding day. Take a look at her prop hire ad styling on Bride And Groom Amaris Flower Boutique created a large foliage full bouquet that brought the bohemian theme into the shoot. Using a mixture of wildflowers and roses, Charlotte created her ideal bouquet for a bohemian and outdoor inspired wedding day. Alongside this, a ranunculus buttonhole and foliage draped balloons. Whether the bouquet stood firmly in her hands or lay gracefully on the floor, it was truly perfect. Charlotte’s style of large grouped bouquets is perfect for any bohemian, festival inspired wedding. Contact Charlotte, Head Florist at Amaris through Bride And Groom Wed
House of Ollichon were unable to attend the Boshow but were so helpful and happy to lend us their ‘Le Fay’ Skirt. It was a highlight of the shoot and brought in the more relaxed, casual vibe for the shoot. Go and check out our blog on them at And last but certainly not least we must mention Sarah Brookes from Sarah Brookes Photography, truly a delight to work with and a massive part of the Bohemian Dreams story. From day one Sarah was willing to help and provide her services for the photoshoot – teaming up with the rest of the gang, Sarah made sure that almost every photo was usable. Out of something like 400 shots we had to make the decision of 1, it was a long yet enjoyable process in choosing the final image that we would use nationwide. The image used at London Euston, Milton Keynes, Rock and Roll Bride and on the cover of the Book of Bo showed off the Tree Cathedral in all its early spring glory – trust us it was cold – with Charlotte, Ashley and Elizabeth Hall Event Styling positioned perfectly in the centre of the walk way. Posters, Banners, Magazines, Books and even on Amaris Flower Boutiques Leaflets, Sarah Brookes dominated our advertisement for the show and rightfully so.
She is a true professional and gives a calming vibe to any environment; her style of shooting is relaxed and therefore makes everyone around comfortable. If there is anything that you want from your wedding day it is a photographer that lets you be you and that’s Sarah. If you didn’t catch her at the show, make sure you take the time to look at her portfolio of work at The Book of Bo is available for post with a full list of the suppliers from the wedding festival; please message us with your details to receive your copy!
Bride With Groom
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