Jan 26, 2017

A bride’s dress is probably the single most important one she’ll ever wear, and her entire dream wedding day *probably* revolves all around it. Hence, choosing the outfit you’ll marry in is no easy task.

Just like picking a look for Saturday night drinks, there’s a lot to consider – colour, silhouette, mobility, whether a train’s just a tad ‘too much’. But unlike the events of your typical night out, looking devastatingly good is just as important as being completely comfortable, since you’re going to be on your feet for a long time and probably gazed at from every angle – you and your dress being quite the focal point on the big day.

image via Hey Wedding Lady
image via Hey Wedding Lady

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So how does one begin to narrow down to The Perfect Dress? Before you get rummaging on rails, visual inspo’s a good idea and there’s lots of it online. But serving super quick inspiration is this video by Mode: 100 Years of Wedding Dresses, which whizzes you through styles from the 1900s to the 2000s.

Take a look at history’s most treasured bridal trends then head to one of our BoShow Wedding Festival events this year (get tickets here), where there’ll be:

  •  – A catwalk
  •  – Wedding dress vendors
  •  – Bridal accessories to explore
  •  – DIY workshops
  •  – Street food
  •  – Family entertainment
  •  – Competitions

Let’s see if we can’t help you decide on the dress and all the finishing touches to make your wedding day amazing.

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