Feb 10, 2017

Even if your wedding day isn’t being planned for February, the second month of the year is like the unofficial month of love – what with Valentine’s Day slap-bang in the middle of it.

But as well as rushing out to buy a card for your partner, why not make the most of the opportunity and show love to the other special people in your life – the rest of your bridal party, who’ll be there to make your big day special.

Want to tell your partner you can’t wait to meet them at the altar? Want to ask your bestie to be your bridesmaid? Or maybe you’re looking for a bespoke card to buy the bride and groom? Do it with one of these cool keepsakes from our favourite independent card-makers.

1. Designs by Kate B, £2.95 here

2. Coral Lane Paper, £2.95 here

3. Laura Kate Draws, £3.25 here and here

4. The Krafted Cards, £1.50 here

5. Sarah Burns Prints, £2 here

6. Lost Marbles.co, £2.85 here

7. Love Paper Rainbow, £3.50 here

8. Starboard Press, £3.69 here

9. Coulson Mcleod, £4.49 here

10. Just Smile Designs, £3 here

11. Rae Henry Designs, £2.99 here

12. Bow and Bell, £2.90 here Don’t forget to treat yourself to BoShow Festival tickets too! Our outdoor wedding event will be full of unique bridal brands from around the UK, handpicked to appeal to all you free-spirited brides!

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