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Feb 21, 2017

Whether you’re planning a foresty wedding here in the UK, or thinking about the balmy forests of Thailand, the rainbow-loving brides-to-be among us are going to love this colour-changing hair dye.

Designed by The Unseen, the FIRE hair dye is super-responsive to heat and changes hue depending on your environment. A dip in temperature or gust of wind’ll get your hair morphing from firey reds to cool blues and back again, turning from blonde to black while you brush it, and leaving you looking just magical.

But the dye, created by Lauren Bowker (who is known as ‘The Alchemist’), doesn’t use magic, just data and chemistry – the brand itself focused on creating “reactive fashion” via its patented colour-change technology, and making bespoke inks, compounds and coatings for clothes that change colour with different temperatures and humidity.

The dye is yet to be released for purchase but testing has already begun in order to start commercial production as soon as possible – so brides to be, watch out!

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