Mar 03, 2017

Planning the menu for your wedding is no easy task, what with so many people and palettes to cater for. And then there’s the desire to do something a little bit different – yours is no typical ‘I Do’ after all, and the little details count.

Well, here to help you think about what to feed your guests, is Elisabeth Brown of Coco Labelle – one of the foodie friends we’ll be bringing to our next BoShow Festival, inspired by food from around the world.

See below as she sings the praises of 3 ingredients you might not think would work together, but really, really do…

I love plantain, smokey bacon and avocado – especially when combined.

Inspired by sunny Jamaica, sweet plantain and crispy smokey bacon are a gorgeous combination that’s bursting with flavour and texture. A real treat for anyone to taste. Then with the addition of delicate avocado (also know as “pear” in Jamaica), you’ve got a nutritious and filling wedding lunch!

Plantain is easily available and will serve your guests well, since it’s packed with Vitamins A, B and C, as well as healthy carbohydrates. Have them sliced and pan-fried until they’re golden and delicious. Also, a tip: The darker the plantain the sweeter it is!

With the bacon, have the rashes grilled, and the avocado sliced. If bacon’s not your thing, smoked salmon works really well too – and to cater for vegans or vegetarians, why not replace the meat with oyster mushrooms?

To finish the plate and make an impression on your guests, have your chef serve the dish garnished with baby tomatoes, spring onion and black pepper. And there you’ll have a complete meal that will keep you going for hours on your big day – one that looks colourful, is nutrious, is not your average meal, and tastes just amazing too!

Find a full recipe for this dish here, in case you want to try it a home before adding it to your wedding day menu. And don’t forget, Coco Labelle will be at our BoShow Festival in Henley-on-Thames – get tickets and come talk about plates for your big day!

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