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Mar 14, 2017

Boho brides and grooms, you’re getting married – which means there’ll probably be wedding cake, correct?

Well why not make yours unique to you? One of our official BoShow vendors, Libby of Lilibet Bakes has some quick tips to read before approaching your wedding cake maker.

Take a look below and then come see Libby at our BoShow Festival in Milton Keynes. cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

Bespoke wedding cakes are unique to you and there are so many ways to personalise them. Designs or themes can be subtle or as wild as you like.

Here are some great ideas to making your cake very much your own, demonstrated by some of my favourite personalised cakes I’ve created.

1. Add Something Hidden

Adding creative or personal touches to your cake can be done with little details that really mean a lot. Alysha and Liam wanted their French bulldog, Jimmy, to be part of their special day – so he made a small appearance on their cake.

cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

Catherine and Stewart used dinosaurs to represent their sons, each hiding among the flowers on their cakes.

2. Play with Silhouettes

cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

Rachael and Duncan have travelled the world together, and wanted a subtle reference to this on their cake so we added silhouettes of Bali and Sydney – also New York where Duncan proposed.

cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

For Alison and Andy we used the design from their wedding invites on their cake to develop their theme.

3. Top That

Why not make a miniature appearance on your cakes? Katherine, in sugar, is showing off her Spurs garter and Steven his scarf, while their sons are seen playing with the flowers and confetti. The sequins and lace stencilling of this cake also matched Katherine’s wedding dress.

4. Dress it Up

cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

Kirsty and Dean’s invites had a hessian and doily design. I added a hessian texture fondant to the second tier, a piped doily on the bottom tier and added fondant applique, to match Kirsty’s wedding dress, to the third.

cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

Sara and Hayden wanted their cake decorated in the same pattern as Sara’s dress. I went to the bridal shop to see the dress and piped the same design and detail on their cake.

5. Forget Traditional Shapes

cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

Your cake needn’t be ‘classic’-looking if that isn’t very ‘you’ – going bespoke is an opportunity to express yourself and the things you love.

Matthew and Lorna love long walks, hence I carved a winding path around the whole cake leading to their sugar toppers wearing wellies.

cake, bespoke, wedding cake,

Kate and Thomas are mad about tractors. Their cake had a tractor pulling hay bales and the couple represented as hobbits with their cats.

Find these ideas delicious? Come meet Libby at our BoShow Festival in Milton Keynes where there’ll be cakes, decorations, a live catwalk of dresses and all the details you’ll need to plan your wedding!

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