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Apr 20, 2017

Wondering what (asides eggs, flour, etc) goes into a great wedding cake?

Here, BoShow Festival vendor Karolina of the Sugarlace and Swirls explains some of ‘weird’ wedding cake ingredients she calls on for better baking.

Read below then meet her at our next wedding festival!

1. Olive oil

weddings, inspo, ideas, inspiration, cakes, wedding cake, brides, grooms, wedding events, wedding festival, wed fest, cooking

Olive oil in the cake mix is the secret to a moist, tender cake with loads of character. Olive oil contains natural emulsifiers, which improve cake texture.

You must be asking, ‘will this cake taste like olive oil?’ …Let me reassure you – absolutely not! The cake will be light, fluffy and moist, and I can guarantee that your guests will be asking for a recipe. Just like my carrot cake which became a secret weapon to impress guests with.

2. Can of Soda

We have all heard of cola cakes or root beer cakes. However, I have experimented with 7up and after few miserable attempts, found the perfect mix.

The buoyant bubbles make for a light and fluffy texture, and makes for a fun eating experience – although not fizzy.

3. Chickpeas

The lemon chickpea cake is one of my favourite recipes to bake. My experience experimenting with chickpea cakes started with Slimming World’s recipe, which a dear friend of mine shared with me.

Chickpea cakes turn out scrumptious and guilt free (the calories being so low), so they’ve become my absolute favourite. They’re not only tasty, but also gluten free so make a good alternative to usual cakes.

4. Splenda

In recent months I started to have more and more requests for cakes and cupcakes that would be suitable for guests with Diabetes. I was aware that there is a lot of sugar supplements on the market but when replacing sugar in my favourite recipes, the cakes just didn’t turn out as they should.

That was until I came across Splenda. There are plenty of great recipes that work with this ingredient and it’s my go to for catering to clients with dietary requirements.

5. Passion & Love for Baking

It might make me sound a little bit ‘crazy’, but I honestly think cakes can feel the emotions of the baker.

When I am happy, content and relaxed, my baking flows… All goes to plan; my happiness becomes a magic ingredient that gives my cakes a little something extra. My advice for brides is to find a happy baker – or if you’re baking your own cake, let your happiness help make your cake turn out special.

Want to sample some of Karolina’s cakes? Join us at BoShow Festival where you can meet the maker and taste her creations.

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